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During our experience working throughout the Houston area we’ve found that residential & industrial builders prefer to work with electrical contractors who are willing to assume all responsibilities involved with build & design in relation to electric/cable/data wiring & installation.

This is also true for general contractors and project managers who are looking to minimize on compartmentalization to save on costs. If your intentions are similar to most in this regard, then you’re right at home with American General Electric.

Houston’s Premiere Electrical Design Contractor


As your first choice for professional electrical technicians we’re in our natural environment when it concerns wiring and troubleshooting building projects before or after the build/design process. Quality, efficiency, operational functionality, and economy are among our main principles when tackling what can be considered complex projects of this nature.

American General Electric is equipped & staffed by trained technicians to complete entire projects from start to finish. Below we’ve listed a few areas in which our electrical technicians are the most experienced.

  • Design Projects
  • Engineering
  • Emergency Systems & Equipment
  • Automation & Process Controls
  • Touch Screen User Interfaces
  • Transformer Repair, Installation, and Troubleshooting
  • Upgrades & Servicing of Electrical Components
  • CAD Illustrations
  • Security & Safety Systems/Emergency Lighting
  • Systems Integration & Batching
  • Redundant Power Systems
  • Back-Up Power Systems

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Need to talk with a trained professional electrician about the building & design goals in place for your project? Send us a message by clicking here, or call our office by phone at 936-828-3752.

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