LEDs, Lighting, & Retrofitting

Adequate commercial lighting is important for businesses operating in the Houston metro area and are among the first aspects of a business that captures a visitor’s attention. If you’re upgrading the lighting of your commercial property then LED’s should be considered as they provide one of the best cost saving benefits available.

Not only will LED’s minimize power expenses, but they are also attractive and can be used for subtle social/marketing benefits.

Commercial Establishments & LED Retrofits


A number of different types of businesses, in many different sectors, enjoy the benefits of using LED systems for various purposes.

Whether the business is a living facility like a hotel, home or dorm, or a functioning business hub like a nightclub, office building, industrial/retail environment, LEDs & Retrofitting play a huge part in the efficiency and operation of such enterprises.

Listed below are a number of the uses and benefits of LED lighting systems as well as insight into how they function or enhance the environments in which they are installed.

  • Minimized Power & Electric Costs
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Low Maintenance & High Performance
  • Mood Creation Lighting
  • Raise Product & Service Awareness
  • Numerous Advertisement/Marketing Applications
  • Safety & Security Lighting
  • Highlight Building & Design Features
  • Restaurants, Casinos, & Theaters use LEDs.
  • Parking Lots, Garages, Warehouses, & Bays use LEDs.
  • Manufacturing & Distribution centers rely on LEDs.

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