Thermal Imaging

Infrared, or “Thermal Imaging”, is a fast and effective way of conducting wiring inspections & other forms of inspections in homes and businesses.

If a non-destructive solution is sought to gather images from a source which may have obstructive impediments to a visual review, like a wall or other obstruction, infrared thermal imaging is the best solution to get the information necessary to make the right decision.

With the use of thermal imaging, the data needed to make the decision to perform maintenance, or to make the decision not to perform maintenance, can be easily obtained.

Common Applications

  • Maintenance
  • Electrical Systems Maintenance
  • Process Control & Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy & Insulation Surveys
  • Rotating & Mechanized Assemblies
  • Moisture, Mold, and Leak Detection

There are number of additional applications for Thermal Imaging that can make normal business & maintenance operations more efficient by saving time, saving on expenses, and correctly identifying problems the first time around.

Being able to quickly detect problems via thermal analysis is earlier than if other methods area used. With the preventative benefits of thermal imaging technology, we can take a preemptive approach to the correction of serious systemic problems.

This will prevent unexpected collateral damage, unscheduled downtime, and property destruction.

Houston, TX Thermal Imaging